Installing SEUS shaders mod in Minecraft

Once you’ve seen a peek of Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shaders mod for Minecraft, you’ll want nothing else.

Here’s a video of Captain Sparklez demonstrating the mod:

Here I’ll provide a step-by-step guide to installing the SEUS shaders and GLSL shaders mods in Minecraft 1.7.5. (That’s not the latest version.) I assume you know your way around a computer, are working on Windows, have Java 7 installed, and know how to find the Minecraft folder %appdata%\.minecraft. Let’s begin!

A quick note: Some people have issues where Minecraft crashes after following these instructions. This may happen to you regardless of how old or new your computer or graphics card is, and I’m not sure why. For example, I was able to execute these instructions successfully on one laptop, but Minecraft crashed on another very similar laptop.


First we need to prepare Minecraft.

  1. Launch the Minecraft Launcher.
  2. Add or change a profile and set it to load Minecraft 1.7.5.
  3. Save the profile, and click Play to start Minecraft using that profile.
  4. Exit Minecraft and the Minecraft Launcher.
  5. Go to the %appdata%\.minecraft folder.
  6. In the .minecraft folder, create a new subfolder called shaderpacks (all lowercase, one word).


Now we’ll have to install the ShadersMod into Minecraft. This allows the installation of all kinds of fancy shaders for Minecraft.

  1. Download ShadersMod-installer.jar.
  2. Execute the downloaded .jar file by double-clicking it. The installation will start.
  3. Click Yes to install the ShadersMod into Minecraft. It was successful when it says Complete.
  4. Click OK to complete the installation.


Finally, we can install the SEUS shader.

Minecraft 7.2 - Shaders button

  1. Download SEUS v10.1 Standard, or one of the other versions.
  2. Copy the downloaded .zip-file into the %appdata%\.minecraft\shaderpacks folder that you created in the _Preparation section. Don’t extract it!
  3. Launch the Minecraft Launcher.
  4. Select the new 1.7.5-ShadersMod profile and click Play to start Minecraft with ShadersMod.
  5. Click the Options... menu button, then Shaders....

    If you don’t see the Shaders... button, be sure to use the vanilla Minecraft Launcher and not some other launcher such as Magic Launcher. Also double-check that you’ve selected the 1.7.5-ShadersMod profile.

  6. Click on to select it as the shader pack.

  7. Set CloudShadow to Off.
  8. Set tweakBlockDamage to On.
  9. Click Done.
  10. Click Video Settings..., then set Clouds: OFF.
  11. Click Done, and Done again.
  12. You’re now ready to play! Start Minecraft with the 1.7.5-ShadersMod profile in the future.

If you have errors and it stops the mod from working correctly, try searching the Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shaders forum for a solution.

44 thoughts on “Installing SEUS shaders mod in Minecraft

  1. Hi,

    The information to get the mods is helpful. I have the mods button, but I have downloaded the ShadersModCore and put it in the mods folder, but have no ‘Shaders’ button in my options.

    I have downloaded the correct files and I am confused!


  2. Hi,

    I have installed the mod and done what this site says but when I enable the shader, my whole Minecraft crashes. I have updated my graphics card and still nothing happned.

    • Hi,

      The exact same thing happens to me. I install everything correctly, all same versions, but when I select a shader pack my whole Minecraft crashes. I know its not my computer because I used to run shaders absolutely fine with no problems before. When you find out the answer to this problem please get back to me 😉

      • Hi,

        You need to keep on trying and trying until your Minecraft stops crashes. Keep on letting it crash until the crash isn’t there anymore. My Minecraft crashed loads of time and it works perfectly after all the crashes. Btw what is the settings to the Shaders to stop it from lagging?

  3. I also have the same problem ive read everything right but there is no Shaders button please help meeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I have the same problem i would not work for me ether. I have tried what u have said but it would not change.


  5. Hi, I have done everything this says, but when i select all the correct shader options and all that, when i go on my world, Minecraft crashes, but dosn’t gie me a crash report! Please help…

  6. Hello, I have followed all the steps, and pressed “done” and then loaded my world. Once the world has “loaded” my game crashes and brings me back to the launcher. Help?

  7. if you have no shaders option in the menu, trying running minecraft via the official .exe file instead of through magiclauncher or some other custom launcher. i got the shaders option when i ran it through the official .exe. you have to use the optifine-shadersmod profile.

  8. I got these messages and I need some help!

    [Shaders] Error : Invalid program gbuffers_textured
    [Shaders] Error : Invalid program gbuffers_textured_lit
    [Shaders] Error : Invalid program composite
    [Shaders] Error : Invalid program final

    Can you tell me if I’m doing anything wrong!

    • Hello! I fixed this problem by downloading a different shader. I downloaded a mr.Meep shader, and everything is working fine, if but a bit laggy

  9. Hi,

    Everyone please remember to download the correct version of everything. Ps. it crashes once or maybe a few more times after you have the correct download.

  10. And how do you do the realistic clouds without any lag? My Minecraft lags and it is about a few months old.

  11. hello, i was able to download the shaders mod but when i go into minecraft my hands disappeared and i cant see what im holding

  12. i have the exact same problem as everyone else except for the error message but i guess from these comments that i should keep letting it crash to fix the problem. right?
    please help I keep seeing people with shaders and it makes me feel embarrassed that i dont have them.

  13. I did everything the tutorial said, everything worked fine until I tried to load a world/create a world. I get a minecraft crash report after it loads the world for a few seconds, “Description: Exception in server tick loop”. If anyone can help me, i have the full error report ready to give you! Thanks.

  14. Hi! Whenever I try to use the SEUS v10.1 download, it says Could Not Connect. Is this download not available anymore? Or do I need to reload the page again (which I have tried)?

  15. I have completed all the steps below and have managed to get the shader going. Unfortunately the map takes a very long time to load! Is there anything I can do to speed it up and play the game smoothly? Thanks!

  16. Hi!

    I don’t know if I’m just bad at this (witch I am) but I can find the shaders button just fine and I select the shaders that I want. But when I log into the game it’s a black screen with the screen minimized, pulled to the left with some wierd colors and at the bottom left in the chat it says “(Shaders) Error : Invaild Program gbuffers_textured_lit” and etc.

    I have no idea what I did wrong.

  17. Hi! I just wanted to thank you guy(s) for a simple way of installing a otherwise complicated mod when you think of all the other outdated videos that is otherwise provided and such. Thanks!

  18. I download the shaders mod, but it appears as a zip file. When i try to open it, it creates a .cpgz file. I have had this problem for some time. Can someone help me please? I run on a mac

  19. I think i have followed the steps.! Heres a screenshot of my current minecraft folder

  20. Put simply, i have a folder called shadersmodcore, which contains a another folder titled ShadersModCore, which has a folder called 2.3.15mc1.7.5, which contains a zip file of the original download, and a document of the same name. Is there something wrong?

  21. Hey when i start up my Minecraft it functions normally and works well, but when i enable a texture pack (SEUS v10.1)and load a game it comes up with a crash report, the shaders are the right update. The crash report says something is stacked.

  22. Hello, I am having a problem working the shaders. I don’t know what to do. I’m not quite sure what I did wrong but whenever I try to run the SEUS shaders pack it says invalid program gbuffers_textured_lit and then invalid program composite1 and then it says invalid program final. Please help, I am running on a Mac if that makes a difference.

  23. I can find the shaders button, but when I click on a tab like singleplayer or multi player it shuts down

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